Can’t verbalise what you want to say?

Difficulties making yourself understood on the phone in the office or talking to clients?

Need to be able to speak fluently to get a job or a better job?

Are you tongue-tied in English?

Fearful, embarrassed, ashamed when you speak despite your good reading and writing levels?

Want to be able to speak fluently, whilst on holiday?

Is one of these
your problem?
Don’t let it be!

The Weekends

Spend a weekend in a beautiful, interesting setting, away from the stresses, strains, hassles of day to day life and speak in English. We will promote an easygoing, fun, friendly, relaxed and positive learning environment with a small group, (maximum of 6).

In our opinion the choice of the location is extremely important in creating this atmosphere. With this in mind the weekends will take place in various settings in the Valencian Comunidad. The venues are: ‘La Surera’ in Almedijar, ‘La Belluga’ in Segorbe,  ‘Aparisi Art Studio’ in El Puig de Santa Maria’ and ‘La Casa Rural Mita’ in Caudiel.

Each venue is very different and depending on what you want from your weekend, this gives you a choice of options related to the local environment itself, the facilities being offered and the type of accommodation.

  • If this is not what you are looking for, then check out  ‘Other Services’ in the main menu, for different options that we can provide.

What you need to know

Participants will be encouraged to be involved in each session, most especially with regard to the course content which can be altered to suit your needs.

Once you have booked we will contact you via email or phone to discuss this with you and try and incorporate your ideas into the course.

Indeed, we hope that participants will come prepared to get involved and may even be keen to initiate a session on a topic of interest to them.

The weekends programme will have some formalized sessions in addition to taking advantage of the local natural/built environment.

We will subsequently send you in advance any information about the course that you may need (video links/articles) and an updated programme.

To take full advantage of these weekends participants would need to have a level equivalent of B2 or above and be over 18 years of age.

Course Leader

The course will be led by a native English speaker with almost twenty years of teaching English, having worked initially  in the UK, followed by the majority of those years in Spain, Rumania, Yemen and Qatar.

Jane Taylor

Course Leader